Jet engine test

Solutions for jet engine vibration test cells


Shafts balancing

Flexible balancing


  • Avoid strong vibration @ critical speed
  • Accurate synchronous order analysis
  • Accurate phase
  • High precision tachometer


Long duration in operation tests, overhaul check


  • On test benches
  • Secured raw data recording
  • Dual shaft synchronous order tracking profiles
  • Multi displays monitoring

Engines development

Performances, efficiency, endurance


  • Hundred channels count, 19” packaging
  • High temperature strain measurements
  • High frequency pressure fluctuations
  • Acceleration, displacement, sound
  • Real-time multi analysis Time, Frequency, Orders
  • Multi displays monitoring
  • // raw data recording

OROS recommended solutions package

32 channels with integrated signal conditioning

  • OR38 32 channel cascadable Teamwork instrument
  • Weasthone bridge strain gauge Xpod conditioner
  • Embedded computation force DSPs
  • 1×512 GB high performance embedded SSD
  • Real-time narrow band analysis
  • Real-time synchronous order analysis
  • Profile/Waterfall
  • Multi-monitoring configuration
  • Balancing

OROS advantages

Intuitive analysis modes

  • Multi-monitoring
  • Real-time multi-analysis & recording

Best in class instruments

  • High channel count solutions
  • Universal inputs
  • Oversampled tachometer inputs

High-end metrology

  • High accuracy inputs
  • High accuracy order analysis

We innovate & create with our customers

Vibration and dynamic strain gauge measurements, aero engine test bench
Wireless Vibration Monitoring on Aircraft Engines