High channel count solutions, up to 1000 channels

Several hundreds of vibration and process channels



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Whether in the aeronautical, energy or marine sectors, large-scale vibration tests are essential to qualify products such as engines, turbines or compressors. These test stands often cover more than a hundred measurement channels.

There is no room for approximation: these tests are expensive and cannot be repeated, and the acquired data must be secured and reliable.

High performance metrology

OROS instruments have been recognized for over 35 years for their very high metrological performance. They are built natively with integrated DSPs that guarantee real-time analysis. Sized from 2 to 32 channels, they can be cascaded to increase the number of channels for large data processing.

The analyzers are designed to acquire data from multiple sensor types and physical quantities. Accelerometers and proximity probes can be connected for vibration measurements, dynamic pressure sensors, tachometers for speed, temperature sensors and strain gauges. To limit the number of devices used, OROS offers integrated signal conditioners (ICP, TEDS, bridge, thermocouple). To optimize connections, systems can be mounted in 19″ racks


One main station controls the measurement and a multi-screen display is provided to monitor each parameter and instantaneous result. The display configurations are fully customizable and can be changed at any time during the measurement.

Dedicated post-analysis solutions

While instrumentation is an essential element to secure data acquisition, the analysis tools and techniques available for post-processing are key. In addition to traditional time and frequency domain analysis, OROS offers order analysis solutions based on an optimized angular resampling algorithm. This allows stable and repeatable measurements for any type of variable speed machine.

Software integration

This whole ecosystem is interfaceable. Thanks to the TCP/IP protocol or the dedicated toolkit (based on Python, C, C++, VB or VBA), the acquisition data can be shared (read/write) with other acquisition systems.