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Application Notes

Floor-standing heating boilers Sound Power Measurement

OMA on a highway bridge for model updating

How to Boost Bike Rider Performances on Cobblestone Roads Using OROS Modal Analysis?

Sound Power Measurements on Construction Equipment

Torsional vibrations measurements on engine timing (camshaft)

Temporary vibration monitoring

Structural characteristics of drop test frame

OMA on a large span roof for structural health monitoring

OMA on industrial robots

Modal testing on the gondola of a wind turbine for model validation

Sound measurement of a concrete block press

Modal testing of a roll over protection structure

Measurement procedure validation using reduced scale rigs

OMA on a long-span cable-stay bridge

Laser based vibration measurement

Damage detection on naval structure

In-helicopter measurements

Damage detection of civil infrastructure

Impact testing and damper design to reduce cutting tools vibration

Damage detection of aerospace structure

Critical speeds determination on a mobile gen-set

Wireless Vibration Monitoring on Aircraft Engines

API 613 Gearbox factory acceptance tests using OR36

Aircraft noise reduction

Predictive maintenance on wind turbines

Dynamic measurement on a bladed turbine disk for mode shapes identification

Assessing the vibration behaviour of generator stator end-windings

Vibration and dynamic strain gauge measurements, aero engine test bench

Underwater Sound Source Localization Using Near-field Acoustic Holography (NAH)

Near-field Acoustic Holography (NAH) applied to localize sources on a geared electric motor

Optimization of Sound Power Measurements of Vacuum Pumps

Noise and vibration troubleshooting in an elevator shaft


Design improvement of a viscous-spring damper for controlling torsional vibration in a propulsion shafting system with an engine acceleration problem

Field measurement techniques and instrumentation for torsional vibration determination

Design and evaluation of open spherical microphone arrays

Isolation of lightweight wood structures from ground-borne railway vibration

Design and Evaluation of Open Spherical Microphone Arrays

Construction vibration monitoring for sensitive facilities

Open-Access Test Bench Data for NVH Benchmarking of E-Machines under Electromagnetic Excitations