Rotodynamics and balancing

Turbomachinery vibration diagnostic for relative shaft vibration, using orbit and shaft centerline and evelope demodulation. Rigid or flexible rotors imbalance based on single dual plane balancing or multiplane balancing

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Turbomachinery train vibration acceptance

  • Polar and Bode
  • 1X & Overall vs RPM
  • Scalars tabular list
  • Real time operation
  • Batch reporting

Turbomachinery train vibration Diagnostics

  • Full shaft motion: Orbit & Shaft centerline
  • Full spectrum
  • Runout correction
  • Record and Playback
  • Portable and rugged

Rubs & Rotor Instabilities detection

  • Diagnostics tools
  • Oil whirl, oil whip
  • Full spectrum
  • Orbit precession direction
  • Waterfall

Temporary condition monitoring

  • Alarm triggering on multiple sensors
  • Time signal recording for further post analysis

Multiplane balancing

  • 1X acquisition vs rotating speed, polar diagram
  • Flexible or Rigid rotors
  • Residual vibration prognostics
  • Correction on speed range

OROS recommended solutions package

Turbomachinery vibration solution

Single/Dual plane Balancing

Multiplane balancing solution

OROS advantages

Efficient, accurate and secured acquisition

  • Real time
  • Recording and post-analysis
  • Alarm triggering

Flexible diagnostics tools

  • Rotordynamics tools
  • Easy to use for field efficiency
  • Customizable report generation

High end instrumentation

  • 40V inputs for proximity probes acquisition
  • Portable and rugged for the field