Beamforming solution

SoundSpot - the lightest handheld real-time sound camera in the market

In a noisy environment, the most efficient way to decrease the global noise level is to reduce the main noise source. SoundSpot displays a spot on video in real-time, locating the dominant noise source. Its ultra-compact and light-weighted design, user-friendly interface, and fully automatic setup allow users to perform acoustic investigation anywhere immediately.

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Soundspot, an easy way to localize acoustic sources

Our beamforming solution demonstration on Automotive Testing Expo North America

Main features

  • Visualize the dominant noise source in real-time video
  • Ultra-compact system: the lightest handheld sound camera in the market, weight only 0.95 kg / 2.1 lb.
  • Fully automatic setup, ready to use right out of the package
  • Usable anywhere by anybody: no prior acoustical knowledge required
  • Detect both transient and stationary noise sources
  • Acoustic map corresponding to the selected octave band
  • High noise localization performance with only eight microphones thanks to the patented technology
  • Automatic distance measurement by the optical system
  • Sonometer mode to measure sound pressure level in dB or dBA
  • Post-processing software SoundSpot-Office available


SoundSpot-Office is the acoustic imaging software to post-analyze the data exported from the SoundSpot via Wifi.

  • Generate acoustic picture and video corresponding to any time-frequency area selected from the spectrogram, or the selected frequency bands (oct, 1/3 oct).
  • Acoustic video synchronized with the optical video: can be viewed frame by frame.
  • Provide the spectrum of the dominant noise source (narrowband, oct, 1/3 oct).
  • Recorded microphone signal and localized sound source playback.
  • Acoustic picture and video export in .jpg and .avi format.

All our software solutions are customizable to be integrated in your environment. Please contact our the OROS Customer Care Department and visit the customization services webpage.