EDF is renewing its confidence in OROS by means of a framework agreement aiming to supply the EDF specialist maintenance team with the support it requires. This team’s main task is to carry out advanced assessments of rotating equipment, used for hydroelectric and nuclear production, as part of their predictive maintenance procedures.


OROS devices are used in particular to precisely determine the warnings to be triggered by the permanent vibration monitoring systems and thus plan the corrective actions that will potentially be required to ensure continuous production of electricity.


EDF’s choice is based on the capacity demonstrated by OROS, in comparison with other international suppliers, to respond to the totality of EDF’s requirements with tools for use in the field that are both reliable and of high-level metrology, a complete software suite of applications as well as services that are 100% client-focused, including ongoing training and a willingness to adapt to future product upgrades or customization.


Our appointment by EDF reinforces OROS’s chosen market position to provide for the requirements of the energy, aerospace, automotive, marine or microelectronics industries in terms of their vibration and acoustics requirements at various stages of the product life cycle: R&D for vehicles and industrial machinery, quality control for production lines, and installation then predictive maintenance of on-site industrial machinery.