SICOR, noise and vibration troubleshooting in an elevator shaft

SICOR invests in OROS solutions and the versatility of OR10 to fit their both main activities: laboratory measurements and in-the-field testing.

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Noise and vibration can be detrimental for any kind of motorized products.

In the elevator industry, the user experience has to be taken into account.

This is why SICOR has always invested in R&D activities to overcome these problems and to achieve continuous product improvement. To do so, SICOR invests in OROS solutions and the versatility of OR10 matches SICOR’s activities very well:

laboratory measurements to characterize the motors correctly and validate calculation models;

in-the-field testing in order to provide the best possible support for their customers.

A couple of months after the acquisition of an OR10 mobile measurement system, SICOR’s R&D engineers performed in-the-field measurements in a hotel. Concerned about potential noise disturbance issues in a bedroom located directly next to the elevator shaft, the team went off to investigate!

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