POMA, a world leader in ropeway transportation, trusts OROS with structural dynamics of their installations

They rely on OROS for the OR35, portable and rugged instrument, modal software and Customer Care Team for assistance and expertise for on-site measurements.

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POMA, world leader in ropeway transportation

From snowy slopes to urban settings, from tourism to science and industry, the POMA group has made ropeway transportation the future of comfortable and sustainable mobility. They have built over 8,000 installations in over 80 countries.

Structural dynamics

They have recently chosen OROS to improve their knowledge of the structural dynamics of their installations. These installations are either located in ski resorts or in urban areas. In cities all over the world, POMA is making ropeway transportation the traffic management solution for ever-increasing urban populations, connecting suburban areas to city centers.

Portable and rugged instrument

OR35 perfectly meets their needs as a portable and rugged instrument. It can be easily transported up to pylon locations on site, or directly embedded into a gondola lift. Autonomy was also a key factor, based on the integrated battery and the additional possibility to add an external battery.

One last factor that convinced them to purchase from OROS is the GPS synchronization capability. OR35 can be transported easily up to several pylon locations. Measurements can be launched at the same time on all the instruments. Then the signals are synchronized and the results can be correlated.

Modal analysis - OMA (Operational Modal Analysis) module

Modal, the OROS software dedicated to modal analysis, associates the latest algorithms with a user-friendly interface and automatic procedures. POMA is now using the OMA (Operational Modal Analysis) module. It is a very interesting technique for large structures or test items that are not easily excitable. With this method, modal parameters can be estimated without a known and controllable excitation signal.

Assistance and expertise for on-site measurements

The POMA team can also rely on OROS for assistance and expertise for on-site measurements. The Customer Care Team has been able to collaborate with the POMA team and deliver knowledge to them, optimizing the measurement process.
They are also very interested in instrument rental in the near future. In fact, this would allow them to directly rent instruments in the destination country, instead of transporting them abroad themselves (to China for example).

It is a real opportunity for both POMA and OROS to collaborate together on this type of installation.