Explore your NOISE & VIBRATION Data – Today & for FREE !​

Based on its strong experience in noise and vibration testing, OROS has developed a function specially dedicated to display and work your noise and vibration data without license: NVGate Reader.


NVGate, the OROS Noise and Vibration software platform can be installed and started for FREE: Download, Install, and Start it without any licence!

It will start straight in READER mode and let you explore your noise and vibration data : no need to waittry it TODAY!

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Explore your data FREEly without license​

Use NVGate Reader to display and work on your data​

However your are an existing OROS user or not : start NVGate in READER mode without any license and work all the way to the report.  Work on data coming from your teams and partners: import, display and manipulate data using the full functionalities of NVGate Reader without any software license : simply FREEly!


The data compatible with the Reader is the one created or shared through NVGate 2022 by your colleagues and peers. You can even test the software straight away using the provided and installed examples: check all about it in the video.

Display results and signals

Enjoy all possibilities of displaying and working on your data:

  • Multiple kind of Noise and Vibration display type: FFT, Order, 1/n octave Spectra, Waterfall, Spectrogram, FRFs, Orbits, Bode, Polar, Signals and many others …
  • Cursors and Markers: Kinematics, Harmonics, Max, Peak, Side bands, Power bands
  • Math operators
  • Multi-layout & Multi-format: Overlayed, Multigraphs, 3D
  • Zooming and scaling
  • User and unit preferences

Handle and Share Data

NVGate READER benefits from DataSet Management, the native OROS technology for measurement sharing: boosting teams exchanges and data security:

  • Receive data shared by other users
  • Open and flexible data exchange, integrating share & collate features
  • Easy data mining with efficient sorting & filtering : based on metadata, measurement properties as well as user information
  • Various file attachments formats; pictures, e-mails, Excel files, pdf, etc…
  • Use any PC or network directory based: database free

Report your data​

Benefit from the full Automated Reporting features:

  • Template based Word/Excel automatic reporting
  • Automated report queries
  • Metadata reporting
  • Copy/Paste data to external applications for manual reporting

Why should I download NVGate Reader today?

Get started today

Download, install and run todayno delay to get started. Use your own data or integrated examplesAdditional support can be obtained from OROS wiki or request your free kick off training

Entirely FREE​

Using NVGate Reader is free and unlimited in time. You can start the software and the read your data FREEly

Your FIRST STEP into OROS Noise & Vibration​

Your NVGate can be the base for entering the OROS software solution range. Explore the full range of applications and extend your test possibilities by entering the OROS world.


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Collate and share data
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Sort out data based on properties
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Display results and signals
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Math operators
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Use markers and cursors
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Generate reports
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Acquire or your own data
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