Reciprocating Machines Diagnostics

EngineDiag, Reciprocating Machines Diagnostics Module

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Integrate the machine mechanical properties and kinematics (number of cylinders, machine cycles, timing diagram) into NVGate, the Noise and Vibration software platform. The Advisor offers an easy software confi guration and results displays based on the machine characteristics and instrumentation


  • Synchronous time signals with cycles overview
  • Overall level on the machine cycles and kinematic phases
  • Results comparison and trend
  • Angle-Frequency representation based on Wigner-Ville algorithm
  • Cylinder phase alignement

Main Features

Engine Model

  • The mechanical settings
  • The timing diagram
  • The instrumentation
  • The type of analysis realized on the machine



helps to the software configuration depending on the engine model



  • Triggered blocks with the cycle overview of each cylinder
  • Overall level
  • Angle frequency representation: Wigner-Ville spectrum / Energy spectrum / Instantaneous power

Mechanical Settings

Engine Model

The engine model corresponds to a type of machine. It allows to link the engine characteristics to the measurement. An engine model is defined by:

  • The mechanical settings
  • The timing diagram



Various engine models exist. They are different in different points:

  • The configuration: Inline or Vee
  • The cycle : 2-stroke or 4 strokes
  • The number of cylinders



The timing information corresponds to the machine kinematics.


One important constraint when dealing with vibration measurement for machinery health monitoring is the measurement reproducibility. Indeed to be able to compare measurements acquired at different times, it’s necessary to use exactly the same instrumentation: same transducers, same position on the machine.

To help the user on this point, EngineDiag proposes to define a typical instrumentation for each type of machine.


The advisor gives a status about the software configuration depending on the engine model.
Using different colors, the advisor indicates the status of the NVGate configuration.

In addition to give the status of the configuration, the advisor proposes the solutions to set up correctly the software.


The specificity of the results proposed by EngineDiag is to integrate the machine kinematics. In each window the cycle overviews are displayed showing the different phases.


Triggered blocks Engine

Based on the Synchronous order analysis, this result shows the time information of the different cylinders with the cycle overview.


Overall level

The overall level calculated in EngineDiag is the overall level of the machine cycle averaged on the measurement. To go further and identify the fault more in details, overall level of the different kinematic phases (intake, compression,…) can be extracted.


Angle frequency analysis

The method implemented in the software is based on the Wigner-Ville algorithm.
The advantage of this display is to provide all the results in one window and intuitive tools for the analysis.

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