See the latest OROS technology at the upcoming International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC)

OROS solutions for Structural Dynamics applications will be displayed on booth #508 at IMAC – February 10–13, 2020 in Houston, Texas.

ODS (Operating Deflection Shape)

To easily visualize the vibes of the machine train : Operating Deflection Shape is an important analysis procedure used to locate machinery deflection during its operation. Check out the OROS ODS software module.


Modal Analysis

A powerful technique for understanding structures modal characteristics, validating simulation models and optimizing mechanical designs. Know more on the Modal software from OROS.


Teamwork Instruments

From 2 to 32 channels, OROS provide cascaded and distributed instruments up to 1000+ channels.
Solutions for structural dynamics are highly integrated with the rough, rugged and portable, designed for the field instruments range. All the OROS expertise and innovation is directed to bring the best in noise and vibration analysis. See the full Teamwork instruments' range.


OROS Structural Dynamics solutions include:

  • Impact and Shaker Acquisition
  • FRF Acquisitions
  • ODS- Operating Deflection Shape
  • Modal Analysis: EMA / OMA, MIMO / SIMO
  • Real modes extraction
  • TPA- Transfer Path Analysis
  • Portable and Large Channel Count Systems
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