See the Latest OROS Technology at the Upcoming Pump & Turbomachinery Symposium

September 10-12, 2019, Houston, TX, USA

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OROS, the global leader measuring noise & vibration for over three decades, is gearing up to showcase its latest  innovative noise & vibration measurement technology. From acceptance tests to diagnostics to overhaul, OROS’ do-it-all instruments are renowned for their versatility.

Find OROS Americas Inc. at booth # 2319 to discover the latest in OROS’ innovative noise & vibration measurement technology


Turbomachinery Vibration: ORBIGate

The dedicated software module for industrial rotating machinery vibration during diagnostics as well as acceptance works. Easy to use, it provides all the tools to bring the highest level of set-up simplicity and efficiency to the user.
The solution for orbits, shaft centerline, Bode, polar plots, etc.



Imbalance is probably the most common source of vibration on rotating machinery. Depending on the machine, and the rotating speed range the rotor can be considered to be rigid or flexible. In the first case, the Single Dual plane Balancing module will be used. In the second case the Multiplane module should be used.


Structural Dynamics

ODS (Operating Deflection Shape) software

To easily visualize the vibes of the machine train. Operating deflection shape is an important analysis procedure used to locate machinery and piping system deflection during operation.


Modal Analysis

A powerful technique for understanding structures behavior to validate simulation results, mechanical designs and maintenance. Modal is highly integrated with the OROS Instruments range, rough, rugged and portable, designed for the field. All the OROS expertise and innovation is directed to bring the best in noise and vibration analysis.


Torsional Analysis & Torque

An integrated frequency-to-voltage converter captures multiple pulses per rev signals yielding angular velocity profiles, RPM variations, twist...

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