Webinar – NVGate Tips and Tricks

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This webinar is past. It is available as a replay. Please contact us to get it.

NVGate Customization

Thanks to user’s preferences and models, you can fully customize NVGate. By making your preferences and models the closest to your application and your needs, you will save a lot of time. Let’s cover the settings you have to know to make NVGate even much easier to use!

Dataset Management

Measured and analyzed data benefit from DataSet Management, the native OROS technology for measurement sharing and archiving that boost team exchanges and data security easiness:

  • No database, DataSet Management use any Windows or network directory,
  • All information gathered within the measurement from project, setup and user,
  • Include any file in the measurements; pictures, e-mails, Excel files, pdf, etc…
  • Fast feeding properties with automated behavior, user defined
  • Direct data mining with efficient filtering,
  • Integrated share/collate features with pro merging,
  • Secured exchanges with background log files.

Automation Tools

Large panel of tools for automation that make your test go faster. Macros and sequences automatic reports and NVDrive are very powerful tools to create automatic procedures.

Let’s learn how to setup and use them

About the presenter

Corentin Lecoq,

Application Engineer

OROS Headquarters


Corentin joined the customer care department of OROS in 2014.

Since 2016, he has held the position of application engineer and has been responsible for supporting users on advanced projects, sales,  and validating OROS solutions.

NVGate V12 - What's new

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