In order to validate the stealthiness of submarines or torpedoes, or reduce impacts of ships on the marine environment, identifying noise sources locations and characteristics offers a very important engineering value. In addition, the evaluation and management of its acoustic radiation characteristics is an indispensable part during the intended upgrades and operational service. The main advantage of NAH technology in naval application is that the measurement and analysis can be done in relatively small production or maintenance docks, avoiding open-sea tasks.


Achieving a pre-test at the dock prior to engaging costly and time-consuming open sea hydrophone range validation allows to save a lot.


A simple experiment is presented in this application note to demonstrate how to use OROS Underwater Holography software, the only underwater NAH solution in the market, to localize and quantify noise sources and predict the far-field acoustic signature. The generated accurate acoustic maps verify the correctness and efficiency of this technology in naval applications.

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