Modal analysis

Modal testing to characterize the structural dynamics characteristics of the machines

fr de cn

Body in white

. Signals for shaker excitation
. MIMO analysis

Aircraft certification

. Adding mass effect
. Flutter test

Motorcycles and bikes

. Portable instrumentation

End winding modal analysis

. Sequenced acquisition

Civil engineering and building

. OMA based

Blade testing

. Strain gauges
. Broadband analysis

OROS recommended solutions package

Operating Deflection Shape - ODS

Experimental Modal Analysis - EMA

Operational Modal Analysis - OMA

OROS advantages

Easy to use

  • Dedicated interface
  • Guided testing operation
  • Rugged for the field
  • Portable or large channel count

Powerful algorithms

  • Broad band modal identification

High end metrology

  • 24 bits, low noise, large dynamic
  • 40 kHz
  • Real time acquisition

We innovate & create with our customers

Structural characteristics of drop test frame
Dynamic measurement on a bladed turbine disk for mode shapes identification
Modal testing on the gondola of a wind turbine for model validation

OROS Modal, an efficient process to get modal results. Watch the video