Teamwork Technology

State-of-the art instruments for teams and fleets


Embedded dedicated processing
High-end metrology
Retrievable SSD hard-drives



Handling any transducers
Dual licenses system
Synchronous multi-tasks (live and post)


Made for any testing environment

Robust design
Stand-alone & remote monitoring modes
Easy integration for test benches

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From portable to high channel count

Based on standard IP protocols, the connection “to” and “between” the instruments features high flexibility:

  • Connection to PC
    • Fast and fluid on-line results with standard IP Ethernet cable
    • Real-time analysis and raw data recording monitored through Wi-Fi
    • Remote internet connection to analyzer with secured SSH tunnel,
  • Standalone recording
    • Direct setup/control and template load trough instrument LCD/keyboard panel
    • Full control of acquisition with NVGo monitoring App, disconnection proof
  • Instruments combinations
    • Cable reduction on large area with daisy chain instrument distribution
    • High channel count up to 1000 channels with racked instruments

True and secured results

The DataCare technology with its embedded processors, memory and storage hardware ensures a gap free and secured data processing and recording:

  • True real-time powerful DSPs analyze incoming data without losing any sample,
  • Configurable computation power (DSPs) for limitless multi-analysis,
  • Secured data acquisition with raw data extractible disks,
  • Shocks, vibration and loud noise proof recording solid state disks,
  • Secured and predictable data analysis with dedicated processors for recording and auxiliaries inputs management.

Laboratory performances on the field

The OROS Teamwork instrument suite offers continuous level of performances and accuracy whatever the environment. Designed for laboratory, workshop, test benches, on-board and field measurement the OROS instruments provide their best performances and accuracy. R&D, prototyping, production test, factory acceptance and maintenance results can be compared with the same quality.

  • Coupling: AC, DC, Float/IEPE 1/2/4 mA, TEDS
  • Range from ±100 mV to ± 40V, 140 dB dynamic, protected up to ±60V
  • Accuracy: 0.01 dB & 0.02° @ 20 kHz
  • Sampling: 2 clocks 40 kHz/25.6 kHz

Plug’n play conditioners

The XPod conditioners bring rapidity and security to temperature and dynamic strain measurements. Easy to add on the Teamwork instrument, the Xpod benefit from many advantages vs external conditioners or dedicated inputs:

  • Fueled by the instrument, no external power supply, no additional cables,
  • Usable on any Teamwork systems without license,
  • Fully configurated and memorized setup by PC
  • Uses only the needed channels, leaving the others for regular usage

Faithful results with high performances triggers

The dynamic inputs acquisition and analysis are completed by high speed tachometer inputs to provide results that reflect faithfully the actual physic:

  • Eliminate ripple & jitter errors from the rotating machine measurement with oversampled Ext. sync up to 64 times faster than the dynamic
  • Excellent phase resolution thanks to filter free (no anti aliasing) threshold detector.
  • Allows RPM, Instantaneous angular velocity, torsion, twist and angular sampling acquisition.
  • Manage timing, gear boxes multi-shaft configurations with up to 6 Ext. sync/instrument

Controled excitation with high performances generators

The dynamic inputs acquisition and analysis are completed by Synchronized versatile signal generators to provide results that reflect faithfully the actual physic:

  • Easy experimental shaker control with complete suite of signals
  • Fixed, stepped and Swept sine
  • Multi-sine, uncorrelated random noises, white/pink
  • Burst an chirp
  • Smooth mute, amplitude and phase offset
  • Fully controlled multi-shaker acquisitions (normal modes, MIMO)
  • Up to 6 synchronized output/instrument, cascadable
  • High resolution down to 25 µHz
  • On-line playback
  • Any inputs, any signal file track

Mobi-Pack multichannel field analyzer and recorder for machinery diagnostics