MODS – 8 channels, the Ultra Mobile System

MODS is the mobile, accurate and flexible system for noise & vibration measurements

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The field of measurements is moving towards greater mobility, simplicity and accuracy. Systems must be flexible enough for every environment.

For measurement situations where space constraints apply, mobility, autonomy and data compatibility are the most important features required in instruments.

MODS, the OROS Mobile DAQ System, is the ideal solution for portable and intuitive testing.

3 Interconnected elements

OR10 is the MoDS (Mobile Data acquisition System) hardware. MoDS is made of OR10 plus two software module:

  • OR10, a 4 to 8 channel mobile DAQ for data acquisition, the size of a paperback, from the OROS high-end metrology range
  • NVGo, the Android App for acquisition setup, and for monitoring of signals and results
  • NVGate, the OROS sotware platform for online analysis and post-analysis, using OR10 as a front-end.

3 Main Uses

MoDS cover any measurement situation:

  • Standalone: Where PCs, tablets or smartphones are not allowed or cannot operate, OR10 acquires signals in a 100% handheld mode. Its touchscreen and keyboard provide a clear and efficient context for both selection of setups and control of acquisitions
  • Wireless Apps: For test environments demanding the utmost in portability but where setups and results need to be viewed. NVGo controls the OR10 via a smartphone or tablet. It features a complete front-end setup and monitoring of signal/levels in a clear and simple interface
  • Front-end: OR10 can be used as a front-end of the OROS software suite.

Teamwork technology

OR10 benefits from the latest Teamwork technology, boosting the efficiency, security and quality of your measurements. Natively embedded in each critical hardware and middleware location, this provides a complete environment dedicated to high-efficiency tests. Ideal for teams and fleets, it simplifies license management.

OR10 data accessibility is 100% managed by the Teamwork software technologies for a complete integration and security of your tests.

OROS MODS - MObile DAQ System