Cabin noise and acoustic comfort


Sound quality analysis & design

Psychoacoustics evaluation

Articulation index

Filtered playback

Sound design based on hearing model

Transfer Path Analysis

Panel contributions at target

Source ranking

Source localization

Beamforming to locate noise sources in real-time

Acoustic holography

Leakages localization

Source ranking

OROS recommended solutions package

Sound quality analysis & design

Transfer path analysis

Source localization

  • SoundSpot: All-in-one handheld real-time sound camera
  • SoundSpot-Office:  Post-processing software

OROS advantages

Easy to use

  • Dedicated interface
  • Guided testing operation
  • Rugged for the field
  • Portable or large channel count

Powerful algorithms

  • Hearing model based sound analysis & design
  • No dismounting required
  • Structure-borne/Airborne separation

Flexible Tools

  • Flexible and easy to adapt to the situation
  • Portable instrumentation