NVGate 2023 – What’s new?

OROS goes one step further in providing the best tools in noise and vibration testing and analysis: the NVGate 2023 major version is now available!


OROS strives to be always closer to its users, carefully listening to needs and feedback from the field. Based on that, new versions are regularly released.



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Customers under contract automatically benefit from each release. You are not under contract? Click here to get more information on your update options or get in touch with the Customer Care Team on any detail on how to get updated! 


This new release of the OROS 3-Series analyzer’s software platform brings new functionalities helping users to avoid dramatic mistakes and bring efficiency to the maximum. 


Find out below the main reasons why you should update your NVGate experience with the new 2023 release! 

Impact testing with NVGate Advisor

Expert by your side all the time to guarantee successful tests !

Wish to succeed your measurements and analysis every time? Check out how NVGate Advisor, Noise & Vibration expert by your side all the time, ensures best quality measurements for impact testing in this step-by-step guide. 

Watch the video on Youtube.

Rotating analysis with NVGate Advisor

Expert by your side all the time to guarantee successful tests !

During your rotating analysis experience:

Have you ever hesitated in settings for speed-varying machinery?

Have you ever ended up with useless data due to slight negligence?

Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out why results are not as expected?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert by your side to guarantee best quality measurement every time?

With NVGate Advisor, your wish comes true!

Watch the video on Youtube.

NVGate 2023 New Features

NVGate Advisor

As a beginner, have you ever wished to have an expert to check your settings, fix mistakes and explain why ?

As an expert, have you ever wished to be notified when you made the rookie mistake ?

With NVGate ADVISOR, the metrology watchdog developed with OROS know-how, you will always be accompanied by a Noise & Vibration expert !


Modbus TCP/IP client add-on compatibility

Compatible with our new Modbus TCP/IP client add-on. The add-on reads from Modbus server the entries which are synchronized with dynamic / parametric / Ext. sync. channels acquired from OR3X analyzer, and reinjects the entries to NVGate in real-time.

Tachometer setup can’t be simpler

The most common rotating speed sensors are defined in the database, simply select yours from the list and the tacho setting is ready. Your sensor is not in the list? Easy, just add a new transducer to the database and the setup becomes hassle-free.

Want to know more about NVGate ? New content available !

Check our OROS WIKI

The entire OROS documentation is online !

We created tutorial video for you only

We made tutorial video on every NVGate module to explain you how to use them. Check it !

Online training

You want to reach a higher level of efficiency ? Winning time by customizing NVGate and your measurement campaigns ? Online trainings are available !

Do you need a customized solution or an adaptation dedicated to your activity?

NVGate 2023 enables us to create your customized solution quickly and efficiently.


Going beyond standard uses,our team is able to provide for specific requirements and adapt to your specifications. We can work with you to customize the software and find the best solution.


The customization webpage provides further information about our capabilities. Please contact us directly to find out more.

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