EV/HV NVH testing solution

NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) of Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV) requires a wide range of dedicated applicated skills and high-end technology.

OROS proposes the most advanced and comprehensive solution to the challenges of e-NVH: testing software, services and Instrumentation. This solution has been developed in cooperation with EOMYS, who is a specialist of electromagnetic noise and vibration.


e-NVH signature of electric motors highly depends on motor topology, converter strategy, and structure-borne vs air-borne path contributions. Some specific tools are therefore required to quickly identify and solve e-NVH issues during testing.


  • e-NVH environment

Management of your EV motor topologies (PMSM, SCIM…).

Pre analysis of the main excitations (frequencies, wavenumbers).

  • Electric Markers
  • Spatiogram
  • Sound Design

Teamwork instruments

The solution goes all the way to provide a full range of high-end acquisition and analysis instrumentation.


The portable and modular range from 4 to high channel count systems.

The Teamwork technology enables to cascade or distribute the instruments.


Solving e-NVH issues at design stage or after manufacturing requires complementary skills in electrical engineering and NVH:


Consulting services
Including e-NVH measurements, test data analysis and problem solving.


e-NVH technical trainings
For NVH engineers, including application with OROS NVH testing system.


Customized trainings
Focusing on your application.

Comprehensive OROS software suite