In-flight test


Flight domain validation

Flight dynamics check with new appendices addition

  • High frequency gap free continuous recording
  • Live spectra, time & levels monitoring
  • Portable instruments
  • IRIG stamping

Structural dynamics

Aircrafts structure dynamics check with new appendices addition

  • Narrow band FRFs
  • Impact hammer rooving
  • Excel or geometry based acquisition sequences
  • Experimental modal analysis

Cabin noise

Passengers acoustical comfort, NVH

  • Hundred channel count
  • Reduced cables with distributed front-ends
  • Multi-channels sound level meter analysis
  • Sound quality analysis
  • Fast exchangeable raw data support

OROS recommended packages

Portable recorder

Distributed noise acquisition

Modal analysis

OROS Advantages

Aircraft usable instruments

  • Portable, rugged
  • Battery and DC voltage powered
  • Ethernet cable distribution system, without switch
  • PC free, stand alone operation

High performance recorder

  • Large capacity SSD removable storage disk
  • High channel count gap free continuous recorder
  • High frequency 40 kHz simultaneous recording and monitoring

Post processing software suite

  • Modal analysis EMA, OMA
  • Sound level meter
  • Sound quality
  • 1/n Octave