NVGate 2021 – What’s new?

OROS is willing to go one step further in providing the best tools in noise and vibration testing and analysis.

The NVGate® 2021 major version became available in January 2021. This release of the OROS 3-Series analyzer’s software platform brings additional functionalities and significant performance improvements. Below is a summary of the main enhancements of your NVGate experience!


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OROS strives to be closer to its users, carefully listening to needs and requests. For that reason, OROS regularly releases new versions. Customers under contract automatically benefit from each release.

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NVGate 2021 main features

Synchronize GPS with your dynamic signals

Use the GPS of your Android phone to analyze your measurements with velocity as a reference and export your trace into a .GPX

The GPS and weather station below have been developed using the DC simulated. Thanks to this add-on you can synchronize your acoustic or vibration signal with GPS and so, display and analyze dynamic signals with displacement or speed as a reference. GPX trace can be exported and Android phone are compatible.

How much does this body shake?

The OROS Body Vibration tool allows to evaluate the effect of vibration on the human body according to standards ISO 2631 and ISO 5349.

These standards define measurement practice and vibration signal analysis to evaluate the effect on health and comfort of environmental and equipment vibrations on the human body.

The ISO 2631 describes the effect on health and comfort of vibration on the whole body in transportation system.
The ISO 5349 describes the effect on health of vibration on hands and arms when manipulating machine tools or vibrating objects.

ORBIGate: save run-out compensation

Apply a run out compensation on every measurement made on the same machine.

In previous version, it was possible to apply a run-out compensation only on the test we used to calculate this run out. From ORBIGate V7, we can apply the run-out compensation to every measurement made on the same machine.

NVGate 2021 more new features

Relax the limits of filtering!

Improved precision

Now, the filters are calculated in 64-bit floating point format versus 32-bit before.

New filters

In addition to the Butterworth filter, now you can build the IIR filters with the Chebyshev type I filter or Chebyshev type II filter.

Relaxed constraints on the cut-off frequency

For the high pass and low pass filters, the maximum value of the cut-off frequency is the input frequency range FR.

Tracking my bearing frequencies on RPMs variations

Kinematik markers follow FFT tachometer. They can be associated to the speed of the tachometer. During a run -up, kinematik markers will automatically follow the speed inside FFT spectra.

From GPS to environmental metadata, enrich your measurements in rea-time

The DC simulated inputs allow you to inject up to 32 external DC channels in NVGate from external source (example : GPS, weather station, external CAN bus…). The frequency sampling is up to 15 samples / second.

Y = ax+b calibration

It is now possible to calibrate a dynamical sensor in “DC” or “DC floating” coupling using 2 values. Then the software will automatically compute sensitivity and offset to obtain the “y = ax + b” formula.

This feature is used for 4-20 mA sensors or “quasi-static” sensors acquired on dynamic channels. We speak about wire displacement sensors calibrated with rules, pressure sensors calibrated with compressors, proximity probes calibrated with micrometers.

Draw those orbits!

Orbits were only available in ORBIGate, our dedicated solution for turbomachinery vibration. From NVGate 2021, orbits are available directly in the FFT and ORD plug-ins.

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