Webinar – Turbomachinery Vibration Analysis

This webinar is past. It is available as a replay. Please contact us to get it:

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Imbalance, misalignment, rubs, rotor instability, and resonances on turbomachinery: what tools to capture, analyze and characterize those typical faults?

This webinar presents the main common issues that occur with turbomachinery and how to reach a relevant diagnostic. The discussed techniques consider not only rotating analysis but takes also into account the structural response of the machines.


This webinar is past. It is available as a replay. Please contact us to get it.

Vibration, a key indicator

Uptime of large industrial rotating machineries is key for power generation as well as oil and gas industries. Vibration is a key indicator of the good health of these machines. It is important to be able to measure and understand what is going on regarding the vibrational pattern of these machines.

Rotordynamics diagnostics tools

For analyzing rotating machinery vibration, the following displays are key and will be discussed during the presentation:

  • Scalar table: Gap, Overall, vector data (nX orders amplitude and phase), SUB1X, Smax
  • Orbits (overall and nX), time blocks
  • Shaft centerline and full shaft motion
  • Frequency and order spectrum, waterfall
  • Full Spectrum
  • Trends, Bode and polar plots
  • Raw signal and zoomed signal

A complete troubleshooting toolbox

It is key to be able to characterize rotating faults using methods described above. However, it is also necessary to be able to use other techniques to solve the full panel of issues. Of these techniques, common ones that we will be covering are: bump testing, ODS, modal analysis, torsional analysis, and multiplane balancing.

About the presenter

Nicolas Denisot has been an Application Engineer at OROS since April 2011, and has been working for 15 years for Noise and Vibration purpose. As an expert, he is involved in after-sales actions to support a wide OROS customer base on-site, training and helping them interpret measurement results. In pre-sales, Nicolas has a talent for understanding prospect’s need, testing environment and helps providing the right solution. This in a variety of fields, including turbomachinery troubleshooting, balancing and modal analysis.